Welcome to the OUWC!


The Ohio University Women’s Club exists to assist women who are new, established or retired faculty/administrators, or wives/domestic partners of OU faculty /administrators and Board of Trustees at Ohio University.

We provide a unique ‘woman to woman’ support system to our members of all ages, sharing our passion for and support of the OU/Athens community.

We currently have the following interest groups which meet monthly.

Day Book Group
Friday Night Book Group
Dinner Party
Wine tasting
Ladies Night Out
Lunch Uptown
That’s Entertainment!

Ready to join?  OUWC+Membership+Form

2 Responses to Welcome to the OUWC!

  1. Anna Jensen says:

    Sarah –

    I love this! I think, minimally, the link could be posted on the official website and people could get the latest interest group information here. I really like the upcoming events down the right hand side of the page, too.

    I’d love to add info about my Healthy Cooking group…what we cooked at the last meeting, recipes, details for upcoming meeting (place, date, “feature food” etc.)


  2. Sarah–

    I just returned from out of town. I became very curious as I read all the e mails talking about your blog. What a surprise when I checked it out.

    I am very impressed. The site is fabulous. It is a wonderful addition to OUWC. I agree with Anna, this site would be a good link to the official web site. Thanks so much for all of your hard work and talent setting up this site.


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